We were created to celebrate the history and regional styles of preparing this delicious sausage. In the late 1800s, German and Austrian immigrants brought the hot dog to New York. It wasn’t long before the entire North East was obsessed.

Once the Hot Dog hit Chicago it didn’t take long for the rest of the country to discover the Weiner via the road side dives popping up along America’s new Main Street… Route 66.¬†Soon each region of the country found its favorite way to adorn these tubular beauties. At Route 66 Haute Dogs we pay tribute to each of these styles with authentic preparations amped up with our own gourmet twists. Now that’s a Haute Dog!

Our Food

We promise you cannot find a higher quality tastier hot dog anywhere else on the planet. From our 100% natural casing to our fresh brioche buns and homemade condiments, you are in for the experience of a lifetime.